The largest community of Bettle fans invades Travemünde

This edition will be Beetle Sunshine Tour where hundreds of Beetles will gather in the streets of the borough of Lübeck to celebrate the love to this Volkswagen model
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From August 18 to August 20, the largest worldwide fan community of the Volkswagen Beetle, the emblematic German model exclusively made in Puebla, meets on the beach of Travemünde (German Baltic Sea) to celebrate the 13th edition of the Beetle Sunshine Tour.

Every year, the number of fans of the model, from its original version to the present one, increases.

Gabriele Kraft, creator and organizer of the Beetle Sunshine Tour, rates this edition with a new attendance record with 721 Beetles registered at the moment.

Highlights this year include the legendary "converging rally" – starting from different points – and the meeting of all vehicles, participants and visitors at the Brügmanngarten festival meadow in Travemünde.

 A 560 PS Beetle GRC from the American GRC Rallycross series is also taking part, since this year, Beetle Sunshine Tour's theme is "Welcome to America" in tribute to the successes of the original Beetle, New Beetle and Beetle in the United States.

The program starts at 6:00 pm at the Brügmanngarten Festival meadow in Travemünde. There will be stalls with food and drinks, and live music.

Tourists, locals, and fans are invited to join the colorful hustle and bustle in Brügmanngarten Festival's meadow.


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