IMCINE to give lenient credits to promote Mexican cinema

The Mexican Cinematography Institute is looking to support movie theaters so they can, in turn, help domestic cinema
Taken from Twitter account @imcine
César Huerta
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Because there were movie theaters which closed since they lacked the financial resources to stay in business after the digitization, the Mexican Cinematography Institute (IMCINE) will support them so they can help domestic cinema.

Jorge Sánchez, director of IMCINE, said owners of said movie theaters would be given lenient credits to reactivate their businesses.

“And agree, autonomously, with the commitment of promoting Mexican cinema,” he added.

Further details on this proposal will be given in 2018, so results can be seen during the first half of the year.

This is the Institute's second attempt to launch this project. Last year, they had already chosen the selected movie theaters, yet their original program included a bond mechanism through insurance companies which wasn't feasible. However, Sánchez explained they are now contemplating another alternative through credits.

During 2017, 85 Mexican films premiered locally – between documentaries and fiction – which account thus far for 21.5 million of tickets sold at the box office. Eight million less than last year.

According to the domestic box office, the most-watched Mexican movie was “Hazlo como hombre” (“Do it Like a Man”), with 4.3 million of spectators.


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