21 | MAY | 2019
 Eight PEMEX officials suspended over hydrocarbon theft

Eight PEMEX officials suspended over hydrocarbon theft

Noé Cruz Serrano
Mexico City
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An investigation has uncovered the alleged participation of eight PEMEX officials in an organized fuel theft network

The Ministry of Public Administration has suspended eight officials of Mexico's state-owned oil company Petróleos Mexicanos (PEMEX) for their alleged participation in fuel theft operations.

According to PEMEX, the Ministry believes the eight public servants are part of a network which alters valves from the company's pipeline network to facilitate fuel theft.

The Liability Unit of PEMEX launched an investigation, in coordination with the Production Company of the State, which uncovered the involvement of the alleged participation of several employees assigned to the sector Minatitlán Pipelines of the Logistics Department of PEMEX.

According to the information, the officials are allegedly part of an organized network that constantly manipulated and altered sectioning valves in Veracruz, in order to illegally obtain hydrocarbon products.

The oil company added that the investigation continues in order to determine the corresponding liabilities and the total number of officials involved.

Thus far, no charges have been yet brought against any of the officials and their suspension is only a precautionary measure part of the ongoing investigation, according to both, PEMEX and the Ministry of Public Administration.


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