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2017 Silver Molcajete

is awarded to Blanca Estela Vidales
Blanca Estela Vidales de Lemus was awarded 2017 Silver Molcajete- Photo: Taken from Asociación Mexicana de Restaurantes website
Mexico City
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The Silver Molcajete is a recognition to gastronomic merit on the research, preservation and diffusion of Mexican cuisine by the Mexican Academy of Gastronomy (Academia Mexicana de Gastronomía), Zone Rosa Gourmet Ward (Cofradía de Gourmets Zona Rosa), Mexican Restaurant Association (Asociación Mexicana de Restaurantes) and the Industrial Club (Club de Industriales).

This year, the Silver Molcajete was awarded to Blanca Estela Vidales de Lemus who has conquered diners with traditional dishes and recipes from the state in her restaurant, La Mesa de Blanca, in Ziracuretiro, Michoacán.

Photo: File photo/EL UNIVERSAL

"For me, being awarded the Silver Molcajete is a great satisfaction, yet it is also a great commitment to continue working," said the cook, Blanca Estela, who received the prize from Lucila Molina de Merlos, who won the award in 2016.

The award ceremony was held at the Industrial Club where a meal was offered in honor of Vidales de Lemus consisting of Oaxacan Chilatole, prepared by gastronomy students of at CESSA University (Centro de Estudios Superiores San Ángel), tilapia in tomato stew by chef Guy Santoro, Stem leaf Chamorro, Vidales own recipe, and guava sweet stuffed buñuelos by chef Rodrigo Flores.

"We have to dignify us through cuisine, gastronomy is an art" Blanca Estela Vidales.

"In my career, it follows the day-to-day, the effort, keep looking for the best; because the recipes are already there, and life is already done. Mexico gives us many wonderful joys and products, thus we have to keep fighting to preserve what we already have and make it better," cook Blanca Estela Vidales concluded.


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