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Cops on El Ojos' payroll

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Rigoberto Salgado, Tlahuac Governor. Photo File/EL UNIVERSAL
Mexico City
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Cops on El Ojos' payroll

Tlahuac Governor, Rigoberto Salgado, is one step closer to losing his post, under the suspicion that he had links with the fallen drug lord who operated in his Delegation, Felipe de Jesús Pérez Luna, El Ojos. The Legislative Assembly of Mexico City began the proceeding to oust the far- left National Regeneration Party (MORENA) member. Yet today, according to our sources, it's the turn of the capital authorities to take action against high-ranking chief police officers who belong to the Secretariat of Public Security and the Office of the Attorney General, who were on the payroll of El Ojos and who, with eyes wide open – or shut – allowed the criminal gang to take control of the territory. We're told federal authorities have information on the link between the officers and the gang of Pérez Luna, and their key evidence is the drug lord's cellphone, taken after the Navy's operation in Tlahuac.

Nothing on the Episcopal Conference bombing

More than a week has passed since an explosive detonated at the doors of the Mexican Episcopal Conference, and our sources say, to date, authorities have told mum to the Catholic hierarchy, presided by Cardinal José Francisco Robles Ortega. We're told there is no news on the inquiry to determine who was responsible for the explosion, and neither is there confirmation regarding the veracity of the message of the Informal Feminist Commando of Anti-Authoritarian Action, who took credit for the attack. Our information reveals security cameras recorded an individual dropping off a bag and using a lit cigarette to ignite the explosive, yet it's not possible to say if the individual in question was female or male. This recording is part of an investigation which seems to be going nowhere.

PRI, on their way to the Assembly.

Ruling Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) members have finished packing and have everything ready for the 22nd National Assembly. On their way there, they requested the meeting of the Permanent Commission of the Congress to be moved to August 8, a day before schedule, so they can have enough time for their own discussions. As you might remember, the PRI, led by Enrique Ochoa Reza, agreed to hold their national meetings on August 9 and 10, in order to review and analyze the statutes, principle statement, action program, plans ahead and account rendition. So Federal deputies and PRI senators will have no excuse to miss such an important meeting, the one that will pave the way for the Mexican presidential elections in 2018.

New ambassador to Colombia on Tuesday

Next Tuesday, current Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) Senator, Blanca Alcalá, will officially become the Mexican Ambassador to Colombia. As we mentioned a couple of weeks ago, Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto has appointed Ms. Blanca as the head of the diplomatic mission in Bogotá, and yesterday the Permanent Commission of the Congress approved her resignation to her current post. It will be next Tuesday when she will be sworn in as ambassador before the Legislative Branch, who, by the way, should take advantage of the civil and cordial environment the senator was favoured with, to make some progress in some of the pending topics in the country, such as the appointment of the anti-corruption general attorney and ministers, to name a few.


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