Murder of journalist causes dismay in BC

Journalists and Politicians demand the murder of fellow journalist, Luciano Rivera, be duly investigated
Bar La Antigua, where journalist Luciano Rivera Delgado was killed last Monday morning
Yolanda Caballero
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The murder of journalist Luciano Rivera Delgado at the municipality of Playas de Rosarito, Baja California (BC), caused great consternation in the journalistic and political sectors of the State.

Rivera Delgado, of 33 years old, began his journalistic work at the local channel CNR as a reporter and then as a presenter on the main news channel.

Rivera Delgado specialized in social, political and security news articles. To date, he was the director of the magazine Dictamen Baja California, which focused on the economic and political situation of Baja California.

“It pains me to see the violence we have here in Rosarito, and that today it reached a brother of mine who was always there for me. Luciano was brave and confident, probably because he always had the courage to face people like this, despite the consequences,” said Mariné Zavala, a fellow journalist.

The Press Club of Playas Rosarito demanded major Mirna Rincón to shed some light on the murder of their college, who had been working for over a decade at the local news media. Furthermore, they demanded a stop to the violence and impunity caused by the high-impact crimes in the city.

“We protest against this treacherous attack which took the life of our college Luciano. We see deceit in the words of the Attorney's Office, who claim they have no lines of investigation, but they haven't even mentioned a motive. We demand that they give an explanation for his murder,” said the president of the Press Club of Playas Rosarito, Javier Malacara.

For hispart, the State Governor, Francisco Vega de Lamadrid, said the death of the young journalist made him feel terribly sad and concerned.

He said he felt sorry for what happened and that the corresponding investigations will be made to solve the case.

In turn, president of the Citizen Council for Public Security, Juan Manuel Hernández Niebla, demanded to the Baja California authorities that they solve the crime.

He pointed out that violent acts at public locations are frequently due to a lack of police officers, as well as their poor training and reaction since criminals act when they know authorities will be off the streets – whether as a result of a lack of leadership, reduced numbers or corruption.


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