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Round One: Moscow

The meetings between US and Russian presidents have always been significant to the world
Enrique Berruga Filloy
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As a person, politician and entrepreneur, Mr. Donald Trump does not praise anyone. The only consistent exception is the Russian President Vladimir Putin. This fascination may be due to a genuine admiration for Putin's boldness and strategic mentality, but it can also come from the debt of some major favors, such as the cybernetic interference of the Russians in the American election. That will be known with time.

The meetings between the American and Russian Presidents have always been significant to the world. Diplomats still remember the first meeting between John F. Kennedy and Nikita Khrushchev due to the serious implications that it had at the time: it was when the idea of placing nuclear missiles in Cuba was born in Moscow. What signs do we note now of the first contact between Putin and Trump?

The first impression is that there was good chemistry between the two leaders. This reflects a notorious contrast to the coldness and arrogance shown by Trump's contact with other leaders such as the German Chancellor or the Presidents of China and Mexico.

On a political level, Trump gives the impression that he is genuinely convinced that a good relationship between the US and Russia is a major factor in maintaining world peace and stability.

No further details of the talks have been revealed. But in the coming weeks, we will be able to identify the nature of the agreements if we observe relevant changes in the civil war in Syria, in the fight against the Islamic State and especially in the sanctions that the West has imposed on Russia after the annexation of Crimea.

However, the interference of Russian hackers in the American elections is still in the air. A few hours before arriving at the G20 summit, Trump declared that former President Barack Obama knew of this cybernetic intervention and did not do anything during the electoral process. Trump's veiled message is that the Russians did not aim to benefit him but to harm his Democratic rival, Hillary Clinton

Putin arrived with advantage at this first meeting, since no one knows better than him the commitments that Trump has with his government; the extent to which he has contributed to his being President of the US; and the implications of the revelation from Moscow of what actually happened in the past election. Total win for Russia in this first round.



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