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Photo: Courtesy of Tomorrowland

Mexico warns about safety measures for Tomorrowland

Ariadna García - enviada
Mexico City
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The Mexican embassy in Belgium, Luxembourg and the European Union reported that Mexican citizens who attend the festival will be subjected to strong security measures

If you are one of the people who will have the opportunity to travel to Boom, Kingdom of Belgium, to attend the electronic music festival Tomorrowland, you must take into account that the security and counter-terrorism measures will be strict.

The Mexican embassy in Belgium, Luxembourg and the European Union alerted the Mexican who will travel to the concerts.

"The Mexican citizens who will attend the Tomorrowland event in the city of Boom, Kingdom of Belgium, from July 20 to 24 and from July 27 to 31, are informed that the Belgian government will strongly increase the measures of security and anti-terrorism to prevent any eventuality," communicated the Mexican diplomatic representation.

The embassies suggested to the Mexicans present in that region to carry an official identification at all times; to keep a copy of their passport, birth certificate and other official Mexican identification in PDF file, as well as carefully follow all the safety instructions that will be given by the Belgian authorities in the event.

The Belgian government will install two police stations where a report of loss or theft of a document can be obtained.

"The Mexican embassy will keep Mexican tourists informed through the embassy's website in case of any important indications from the Belgian government."

Mexican tourists who attend Tomorrowland will be able to use emergency telephones for any eventuality, 24 hours. If you dial from Belgium: 0475-23-95-87 and from Mexico: 0032-475- 23- 95-87.

Tomorrowland is an electronic music festival held every year since 2005. It is held at the Boom boarding school in Belgium and is organized by ID&T and Entertainment and Media Enterprise.

It is estimated that annually attend more than 400 thousand people from 75 different countries.


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