Is Mexico among most active countries in the world?

Stanford University used data from 700 thousand cell phones to know the physical activity of users
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A group of American scientists collected a large amount of data from smartphones that show how active are users in different countries.

The research done by Stanford University calculated how many steps gave more than 700.000 people minute by minute and the results were published in the scientific journal Nature.

"The study is a thousand times greater than any previous analysis of human movement," said Scott Delp, one of Stanford's academics.

Scientists used data from the Argus app, which monitors the activity of each user who has it installed on their smartphone. Everything is completely anonymous since they only collected the data of the activity and not the personal information.

The average of daily steps was 4.961, at the top of the ranking was Hong Kong, with 6.880 a day, while the nation which walks less is Indonesia, with only 3.153 steps.

The only two countries in Latin America that were analyzed are in the middle of the list: Chile, with 5.204 and Mexico with 4.692.

According to the study, women are the least active; however, it is not because they are lazy, but because of a gender gap, that is, because of the activities that each gender performs.

List of the 5 countries with more steps:

1. Hong Kong     6.880
2. China              6.189
3. Ukraine           6.107
4. Japan              6.010
5. Russia             5.969

List of the 5 countries with fewer steps:

42. South Africa     4.105
43. Philippines       4.008
44. Malaysia          3.963
45. Saudi Arabia    3.807
46. Indonesia         3.513

While Mexico was ranked No. 34 with 4.692 steps.

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