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Mérida declared food destination

Délice Network gathers the top food cities around the world
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The French network Délice, created in 2007, integrates the city of Mérida, the capital of the state of Yucatán, in its list of food cities “whose culinary heritage and gastronomic expertise play a major role in defining them as the greatest food destinations in the world,” according to the official website. The jury voted unanimously to include Mérida among the most recognized cities for their gastronomy.

The Global Délice Network seeks to offer member cities a meeting platform with cooks, chefs, and professionals in the field. For Mérida to be part of this list, it had to prove the quality of its gastronomic culture; then the quality and variety of its culinary offer in the city and, finally, the way in which its cuisine attracts tourism and helps to promote the city as a destination.

Other cities that integrate this network are Hong Kong, Brussels, Barcelona, Bordeaux, Madrid, and Lisbon, among others, which together form a group of 22 cities. It should be noted that Puebla is already included in this list because, like Mérida, it enjoys a rich and varied gastronomic culture.


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