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The Aeroméxico-Delta “marriage”

The alliance between the airlines will extend to cargo operations
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With only a month of operations, the alliance between Aeroméxico, in charge of Andrés Conesa, and Delta Airlines, of Edward Bastian, will also extend to cargo operations, both announced.

That was decided in order to improve the transportation of merchandise between Mexico and the United States.

The airlines will operate joint warehouses in the cities of Mexico, Boston, New York, Miami, San Francisco and Chicago, and during the summer they will open 2 more in Orlando and Detroit.

The main products sent by the U.S. to Mexico are turbines pieces, medical equipment, automotive parts, perishable products and plane parts; while Mexico sends tequila, medical equipment, and automotive parts.

Although there are issues to define, the flights from Mexico to the U.S. will operate with Aeroméxico planes and from the U.S. to Mexico, with planes from Delta Airlines.


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