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Barrales and Anaya's flirting

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Alejandra Barrales and Ricardo Anaya – Photo: File photo/EL UNIVERSAL
Mexico City
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Barrales and Anaya's flirting

We are told that two characters who are immersed in a heavy political flirting towards the General Election in 2018 were really close in Tepic. The leaders of the left Democratic Revolution Party (PRD), Alejandra Barrales, and of the conservative National Action Party (PAN), Ricardo Anaya, were stuck last Tuesday to the governor-elect, Antonio Echevarría, during the handing of majority records of the Nayarit's State Electoral Institute. We can see that the dialogue between the leaders of the PAN and PRD is more intense in public and private. And they sure have to talk things out if they want their alliance to be successful, because within the PRD it is said that they will not accept a candidate from the PAN to lead the Extended Democratic Front (FAD), meaning Margarita Zavala, Rafael Moreno Valle or even Ricardo Anaya. And in the PAN they neither want someone from the PRD, be it Silvano Aureoles, Graco Ramírez or Juan Zepeda. Now is the time for the Mayor of Mexico City, Miguel Ángel Mancera, who could show that he was right when he did not affiliate to the PRD and now appears as a candidate who endorsed the creation of the FAD and is not part of any party. Will he be an option for people from the PAN and PRD?

Blue survey about opposition front

By the way, we are told that the president of the conservative National Action Party (PAN), Ricardo Anaya, is showing off a new internal survey. According to his numbers and the question of who would people like to be the candidate in case of an alliance between the PAN and the left Democratic Revolution Party (PRD), Ricardo had 28% of preference, followed by Margarita Zavala with 22% and Rafael More Valle with 18%. In the survey carried out by GEA ISA from June 13 to 19, and to one thousand citizens regardless of their party affiliation, appears the Mayor of Mexico City, Miguel Ángel Mancera, with 11%. Another fact that Anaya's supporters show off is that when asked spontaneously who should be PAN's candidate, Ricardo appears with 30%, Margarita with 25% and Moreno Valle with 14%. When the respondents are read the list of names, Anaya gets 44%, Zavala 26%, and Moreno Valle 22%. So today Anaya arrives at the dinner with the candidates from the PAN with those numbers. Will they be of any help?

Mexico-Canada Parliamentary Summit

The President of the Finance Committee of the Lower Chamber, Jorge Dávila, revealed that by the end of September or beginning of October, will come to our country an important delegation of Canadian legislators. We are told that the encounter with Mexican legislators will serve to talk bout the renegotiation or modernization of the North American Free Trade Agreement. The Minister of Economy, Ildefonso Guajardo, could participate in this meeting to begin the talks between the 3 countries of the region.

Love is paid with love

The National Electoral Institute (INE), in charge of Lorenzo Córdova, used that aphorism with the Electoral Tribunal of the Federal Judiciary, by going beyond the sentence which made the INE delimit the appearance of leaders of political parties in spots. The electoral advisers announced that personal propaganda of political actors will be prohibited on the internet, print media, buses, and all their modalities, and passed the buck to the Tribunal in the most probable case that there is disagreement. If the parties challenge, the electoral magistrates will pay the price of validating or not the decision, according to the INE advisers, who returned the favor to the magistrates.


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