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Torpedoes between AMLO and Bejarano

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Mexico City
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Torpedoes between AMLO and Bejarano

From two different fronts torpedoes were launched yesterday which aimed at sinking the intentions of left Democratic Revolution Party (PRD) to go for a Broad Democratic Front for the elections of 2018. The agreement, that at the end of the day received the endorsement by most of the PRD tribes, was said to be under the attack of the group led by René Bejarano and some of the group's members that left by Senator Miguel Barbosa in the party when he left to join the movement led by Andrés Manuel López Obrador. Within PRD they consider that Barbosa's people, who did not leave with him, are serving to sink the PRD's efforts from within the party, and somehow they service López Obrador, whose hand is seen by several trying to smash the Broad Front.

New corruption case within PAN

Former conservative National Action Party (PAN) coordinator in San Luis Potosí, deputy Enrique Flores Flores, resigned the party after a video was made public where he is allegedly seen receiving money from Potosí mayors, so we are told. The party's Anti-Corruption Commission will continue the course of the investigation given that his resignation as a militant does not exempt him from returning to the party or from running for another public office under the mantle of National Action Party. Although we are told that given the time the Commission is taking, he will probably be expelled until 2018, because only one file has been completed so far, that of the former governor of Sonora, Guillermo Padrés, while the cases of the former mayor of Monterrey, Margarita Arellanes as well as Christian Von Roehrich in Mexico City are still waiting in the freezer. Some PAN members point out in a self-critical way that PAN should address these cases more quickly if they don't want to give the impression that they aren't taking seriously the internal fight against the corruption so criticized in other parties.

PAN governors and 2018

Little has been said about the participation of governors in the meeting of the Permanent Committee of conservative National Action Party (PAN), last Thursday. But we are told that their proposals are worthy of being taken into account. PAN leaders were represented by Francisco García Cabeza de Vaca, governor of Tamaulipas, who, on behalf of his peers, presented four reflections for 2018 to the assembly. The first, we are told, was that the party demands unity against external attacks. Second, it's necessary not to make party decisions without the opinion and consensus of the governors and third, they must push the electoral alliances forward, but above all, a great alliance with the citizens. The final proposal, came after Mr. Francisco said that the political system is collapsed, so he suggested that the figure of coalition governments must be explored right away and without any fear. Will they listen to them?

Poor prosecution, rich parties

In the past few days, the prosecutor for electoral crimes of the Attorney General's Office (PGR), Santiago Nieto, had a private meeting in the Senate. We are told that Mr. Santiago said that given the high levels of political corruption that are repeated in each election, the prosecution he commands must be empowered with "teeth, claws and sufficient resources" to go against electoral delinquency, especially in the face of the elections in 2018. Senator Armando Ríos Piter, who intends to run as an independent candidate for the Presidency of the Republic, urged the prosecutor to have a new meeting to analyze in depth the condition of the budget for that organism. One important fact is that the prosecution that fights electoral crimes has fewer economic resources than any of the political parties, which it has to monitor. Ríos Piter himself said that under current conditions, the prosecution will not be able to perform its role of guarantor of elections because there are rich parties and a poor prosecution.


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