Larry Tremblay publishes "Dos hermanos" in Mexico

The Canadian writer's most recent novel explores how violence is transmitted, from person to person, for generations
Yanet Aguilar Sosa
Quebec, Canada
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Larry Tremblay, Canadian novelist and playwright says Dos Hermanos (Two Brothers), his most recent novel published in Mexico, resembles a contemporary tale, he even imagined that before each sentence, the reader might hear "Once upon a time In a land far away... ", like in fairy tales; However, it is a hard novel that speaks of wars, hatreds and terrorisms that grow in the world.

"Some years ago I wrote War cantanta, about the origin of ethnic conflicts. I was interested in exploring why these ethnic conflicts continue occurring. I hoped that my work could offer at least one kind of response: it showed how a soldier taught hatred to his young son. Two brothers continues the work that that story began, it explores how violence is transmitted, from person to person, for generations. "

In an interview via mail from Quebec, the writer says he did not want to write a war novel with many characters and innumerable descriptions of battlefields, air strikes and missiles. "I opted for a novel that described a single family (father, mother, children) forced to make tragic decisions. Almost like a Greek tragedy. My goal was not to describe the war, but rather the disastrous consequences it has on the lives of children and their parents."

Tremblay writes of war, hatred and death because everything concerns to life, and for that's why he wanted to have two children as protagonists of this novel that has already been adapted as a theater play and has had a great success, more than 28 thousand viewers in a few weeks.

"War forgets children. War blurs the border between the world of adults and that of children. If humanity really loved its children, it would stop making war. The love of power, money and false ideals, unfortunately, prevails over the love that humanity has for its children, "says Tremblay.

The playwright also says that in this novel, as in all of his works, he doesn't want to judge his characters but rather tries to understand them. "This feature is probably part of the fact that I've been writing plays for 40 years. A dramatic text consists of holes, in the unsaid, in the silence. If the text says it all, the actor's body and voice become unnecessary. "

Larry Tremblay has published in Canada a new novel called L'Impureté which, he says, speaks of the fragility of being, the loss of illusions, manipulation, revenge and also the power of literature. Même pas vrai has just been released as well, a graphic novel for young people where he tells the story of Marco, a seven-year-old boy who turns his life into stories. "He holds an invisible microphone in his hand!" Says Tremblay.


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