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Ed Sheeran seduces Mexico

Besides yesterday's concert, the singer-songwriter will perform in Guadalajara and Monterrey in Mexico
Cristopher Rogel Blanquet/EL UNIVERSAL
Ariel León
Mexico City
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Pop idols have changed and Ed Sheeran has shown this during his presentation in Mexico City last Saturday in what is his first visit to the country.

The young Brit did not need a technological display, a lavish production, much less dancers, fireworks or something visually spectacular to make the Palace of Sports and its 21,600 attendants vibrate.

With only three albums under his arm, 26 years and a guitar, the young man from Halifax, Yorkshire, came up to on the stage at 9:00 p.m. sharp, showing that English punctuality that so distinguishes his country.

Sheeran said in an interview that no artist's career can be based on one single success and he is confident that he has many more. Perhaps that's why he began his show with "Castle in the hill", a hit that has placed him in the world's top popularity charts.

Sheeran then intertwined each of his melodies, mixing the past with the present, so came pieces like "Eraser", "The A team", "Don't" and "Galway girl".

To speak of one single emotional moment during the show would be impossible, because one by one all his songs were equally sung along, applauded and celebrated; there were songs like "Photograph" that immediately invited those present to hug each other or wave their hands with their mobile phones held up high.

Sheeran left the best for the end; after almost an hour and a half into his show and having played "Perfect" and "Nancy Mulligan", the singer-songwriter performed "Thinking out loud" from his 2014's album "X".

"Shape of you" served last night as an anthem for youth, in which more than 20 thousand voices united to a song that speaks of equality. 


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