Merkel offers support and signs economic agreements with Mexico

During her official visit, the Chancellor of Germany has attended various political and cultural activities
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Mexico City
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Yesterday, the Chancellor of Germany, Angela Merkel, offered Germany's support to combat organized crime in Mexico.

She remarked that it is necessary to encourage the reinforcement of institutions. In addition, it is relevant that in all of Mexico exist structures to fight against corruption and create openness, she added.

After a 40-minute meeting, President Enrique Peña Nieto and Chancellor Angela Merkel offered a joint message to the media in which both coincided in mutual support to fortify economic, commercial and politic ties.

Merkel announced that they discussed human rights issues and the need for freedom of speech and press, represented in independent journalists.

Likewise, she hoped that the NAFTA renegotiation was successful for the countries involved and that they could find an agreement where everybody wins.

Peña Nieto said that support was offered to Merkel regarding the German leadership for the coming G20 summit, as well as the assertion of Mexico's commitment with the Paris Accord.

This morning, Peña and Merkel witnessed the signing of 4 collaboration contracts in terms of economy and digitization.

The documents signed were a Memorandum of Understanding and Cooperation between the National Institute of Entrepreneurs and the Hannover Fair; a Collaboration Agreement between the Secretariat of Public Education (SEP) and Siemens; a Memorandum of Understanding and Cooperation between Mexican Petroleums (Pemex) and Siemens; along with a Coordination Agreement between the Federal Electricity Commission (CFE) and Siemens.

After the signing began the Germany and Mexico panel: Camkni partners towards Industry 4.0 and Dual Formation 4.0, in which Peña remarked Mexico's defense on free trade and Merkel endorsed dual formation through cooperation.


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