UNDER RESERVE: Fepade delves into Delfina's tithe

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Mexico City
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Fepade delves into Delfina's tithe

With the testimony of a former employee of the city council of Texcoco, who exposes the 10% off that as taken from his salary for the political group of Delfina Gómez, candidate of MORENA, the Special Prosecutor's Office for Electoral Offenses (FEPADE) opened an investigation on the MORENA's candidate to the State of Mexico's government. We were explained that the central objective of FEPADE, based on information published by EL UNIVERSAL, is to determine if the ex-employees were forced or coerced in any way to contribute with their tithe every payday, up to the point of being threatened to be fired. With less than a month for the State of Mexico's elections, Ms. Delfina's file of discounts has turned into a real headache for the MORENA candidate who hasn't come out with a convincing and coherent explanation about the famous tithe yet.

The Congress against Huachicoleros

The violent acts in Puebla, in which 4 soldiers died fighting armed huachicoleros, positioned among the population and who use children as human shields, can pressure the Congress for the legislators to summon an extraordinary period to strengthen the laws and sanctions against criminal groups who live on the of milking of hydrocarbon pipelines. In the last session of the ordinary period, the low chamber voted for reforms that pretend to raise up to 30 years the crime of hydrocarbon theft, and the minute was sent to the Senate for its revision and potential approval. Now, the Political Coordination Board, presided by Fernando Herrera, form the National Action Party (PAN) and the Chairman of the Executive Board, Pablo Escudero Morales, will have to make a decision on this reform sent from the chamber in San Lázaro. Will the legislators show a little sensibility or will just let this pass?

Senate indebted

Happy and cheerful, by the way, the senators went on recess without naming the new anti-corruption prosecutor, and now the breach of this duty has been condemned and claimed by the Citizen Accompaniment Committee. We know that the committee sent its thoughts and critics to the executive board, headed by the Ecological Green Party´s (PVEM) legislator, Pablo Escudero. This citizen group, who includes Luis Carlos Ugalde, Silvia Inclán, and Issa Luna, demands the designation of the charge without further delay since they see that the decision is being conditioned by the elections in the State of Mexico, Coahuila, Nayarit, and Veracruz. Part of the criticism, we were told, is that the Senators Chamber must comply with its constitutional obligations diligently and transparently, and at the same time, offer an explanation to the public opinion on not designating the anti-corruption czar promptly.

Bejarano seeks for support in the US

We know that René Bejarano, a member of the Democratic Revolutionary Party (PRD), and who si the leader of the National Democratic Left movement, joined the politicians that travel to the US with the excuse of helping conationals who face anti-migration policies of the American president, Donald Trump. The background of the trip that Mr. Bejarano and his wife and senator, Dolores Padierna, took on May 5th to Santa Ana, California, where by the way, they also offered a feast, was to promote the National Movement for Hope, and this way, gather followers to strengthen its structure. Mr. René has been getting ready for some years for a potential sinking of PRD in the electoral processes of 2017 and the presidential elections of 2018. And that strategy is not such a secret!


***Photo: Delfina Gómez, MORENA candidate to the State of Mexico (FOTO: Irvin Olivares. EL UNIVERSAL)



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