The most critical Warhol at Jumex Museum

The exhibition brings to Mexico pieces that had never before been put together in Latin America
Courtesy of Jumex Museum
Sonia Sierra
Mexico City
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The 60's, period in which Andy Warhol (Pittsburg 1928 - New York 1987) consolidated his artistic language and became the creator that today is recognized worldwide, is the period in which the Andy Warhol. Dark Star exhibition is centered, which, from June 2 to September 17will be open to the public in the Jumex Museum.

From a five-meter-high Mao Tse-Tung painting from the Art Institute of Chicago, as well as Marilyn Monroe and Liz Taylor's paintings, to his films Eat, Sleep and Kiss, and his famous Brillo boxes will be seen in this presentation that Julieta González, director of the Museum, describes like a "unique opportunity".

Gonzalez details that Andy Warhol. Dark Star has been curated by Douglas Fogle and will allow people to see works from different museums of Europe and the United States, like the Moderna Museet (where iWarhol held his first great exhibition in Europe in 1968) the Whitney Museum, Guggenheim and LACMA, among others.

The exhibition brings together a group of works that have hardly been seen together in Latin America, and which was fully integrated by the Jumex Museum. "The exhibitions that have been made of Andy Warhol have had a large component of serigraphic work on paper; here in the galleries of the second and third floors will be the most part of painting, drawing and engraving works, as well as his Brillo boxes; and on the first floor a series of silent films. Other times there have been exhibitions that have been taken from the Andy Warhol Museum collection (in Pittsburg), however, his works were collected by some of the most important museums in the world.

Gonzalez comments that Douglas Fogle explores with his curatorship the two faces of society that Warhol wanted to portray: "The society that celebrated consumption, and the darker side, crimes, accidents. Where these two visions converge is in the portraits of movie stars, music and entertainment.


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