Failed environmental standards after a year

Only 6 out of the 14 standards originally issued have been met.
Mexico City
Penélope Aidaz, Sandra Hernández, Diana Villavicencio
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A year after the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources (SEMARNAT) issued a series of standards to reduce the pollution levels, they have shown little to no progress in their compliance since only 6 out of the 14 they were in total, have been met.

This occurred during the March 2016 contingency and generated serious problems in political and environmental matters in the megalopolis formed by the states of Mexico, Morelos, Puebla, Tlaxcala, Hidalgo and the Capital of the country.

Among the pending actions are the financing of 11 million pesos for the modernization of transportation, the increasing of the monitoring network to measure the quality of air and the constitution of a green belt between the limits of the State of Mexico and the Mexico City, as well as the creation of a network of sustainable cities of the megalopolis.

Last night, the Metropolitan Environmental Commission (CAMe) reported that the environmental contingency for ozone will remain today; phase 2 of the contingency program was even close to being declared after the atmospheric monitoring system reported 183 imeca points in the district of Coyoacán.

The CAMe stated in its latest report that the weather conditions for today will not allow the dispersion of pollutants.



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