UNDER RESERVE: Elba is giving PRI the creeps

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Mexico City
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Elba is giving PRI the creeps

While clarifying what the scope of the support that the political operators of the former magisterial leader, Elba Esther Gordillo is giving to her colleague, teacher Delfina Gomez, in the race for the government of the State of Mexico, Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) says that they already qualify this action as an attack by the today prisoner, and once all-powerful leader of the teachers' union, against the very party in which Mrs. Elba militated for many years. They say that PRI will seek to strengthen its closeness with the official magisterium, headed by the National Union of Education Workers (SNTE) leader, Juan Diaz, as well as teachers loyal to Nueva Alianza. For now, Professor Gordillo is really giving PRI the creeps in an election that appears to be very close and in which each vote is worth gold.

Delfina and the Teacher's Day

Yesterday, the candidate of MORENA to the government of the State of Mexico, Delfina Gómez, celebrated the Teacher's Day. In Atlacomulco, she and Andrés Manuel López Obrador, leader of the party, blew out the candles and had mariachis, but she asked them not to sing las mañanitas, a sort of Mexican happy birthday, but to sing las golondrinas, a traditional Mexican farewell song, to the State of Mexico's PRI since they are soon leaving the chair. Before the interview in Jilotepec, the candidate was close to making a mess when asked about the support received on Saturday from teachers related to the former teacher leader, Elba Esther Gordillo, and if this approach had been agreed with her. "No, no, I do not have the pleasure of... oh, nooo!", She rectified, stating that all teachers are generally welcome, but Grordillo is not.

Mancera and the slingshot effect

People close to Mexico City's Governor were more than euphoric yesterday because of the results of the meeting of Miguel Angel Mancera and the Federal Secretary of Labor, Alfonso Navarrete Proda. They assure that Mr. Miguel's persistence has given results and they are moving forward along with the federal government regarding the substantial increase in the minimum wage. Those who have first-hand information tell us that, from what was agreed at the breakfast shared by both functionaries yesterday, it is clear that there will be good news soon for 7 million salaried employees. And, incidentally, Mancera could score in his aspirations and use this increase as a kind of slingshot to propel him to the Presidency of the Republic.

PRI deputies just don't waste time

Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) deputies do not waste any time. Taking advantage of the fact that they are enjoying their well-deserved holidays after the end of sessions, the tricolor-party legislators do not waste time to spend public resources and take advantage to remodel their offices located in the palace of San Lázaro. No one knows the reason, but they reminded us that, during the last legislature, when Manlio Fabio Beltorones was the coordinator of the tricolor group, there were also some renovations, such as floor changing. We are told that some groups do more remodeling work than pass laws; Of course, don't you believe for a second that they mean PRI.


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