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Stopping extortion

OPINION: The capital's authority has to regain control and eradicate any indication of extortion to prevent illegal acts from reaching alarming levels
Mexico City
Newspaper leader by EL UNIVERSAL
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Two events that occurred only a few days apart in Mexico City must sound the alarms of the capital's authorities, due to the potential risk of criminal groups seeking to replicate in the capital of the country ominous practices that have ravaged other cities in the country.

At the end of April, assailants entered the Plaza Meave, a place for the sale of electronics, computer and telephony, located in the Historical Center. They robbed a local, but before fleeing, at least one was killed.

Days later, earlier this month, the Sonora Market, one of the most popular and emblematic sites for the purchase of different items, became news for the murder of two people around the place, who turned out to be men who were planning to rob the place.

Tenants from both places reported that they have been victims of extortion by criminal groups, which charge them "land rights".

In interviews with traders from Plaza Meave, who requested to be anonymous, EL UNIVERSAL unveils that the situation is not new and that the tenants have reported the facts to the District, the Secretary of Public Security and the Capital Attorney's Office, without obtaining results.

Defenseless as they are, some decided to hire security personnel. The muggers who were shot in the Sonora Market were killed by staff paid by merchants for their defense.

One of the worst scenarios that an authority can face is when its constituents perceive that they are ignored and decide to take actions that do not correspond to them, but to the government, as those of security.

Reaching this situation does not simply happen overnight. The possible explanations can not be many; omission, lack of capacity or even possible complicity of police elements.

Losing trust in authorities can be the beginning of an unpleasant situation for society in general. Recently the country has witnessed events in which it has been demonstrated that the absence of the State can not be the best way to go. From the appearance of self-defense groups to the so-called vigilantes, who have murdered public transport assailants.

Society making justice by its own hand will never make Mexico a better country. On the contrary, it distances us from the route of legality that prevails in the most advanced nations, whose model we have set out to follow

The capital's authority has to retake control and eradicate any indication of extortion to prevent this illegal act from reaching the alarming levels that have been registered in other entities.


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