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Julio César steps up for Jr

The legendary Mexican boxer justified his boy after his performance against “Canelo”
Photo: Imago7
Mexico City
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A different kind of battle is the one Julio César Chávez Jr is fighting off the ring after the humiliating defeat he suffered to Saúl “Canelo” Álvarez last Saturday. And, by the way, he's losing that one too. In his team, they throw the ball at each other, pointing out mistakes which are making “Julito” look like an automaton unable to make his own decisions.

On the media, especially online, comments are sometimes given mercilessly: “He should step down”. “He didn't show anything”. “He was afraid”. All this, as well as World Boxing Council (CMB) President, Mauricio Sulaimán's opinions yesterday saying Jr should quit, made his father, the great Julio César Chávez, step up on Twitter: “With all due respect, stop f…… around. To my son, weight is a sacrifice, if he fights on his weight and can't pull it off, then he should retire”.


Many re-twitted the message, among them, Julio Jr. himself.



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