President Peña Nieto condemns attack in Sweden

MEXICO-WORLD: The Mexican Embassy in Sweden activates emergency hotline after attack in Stockholm earlier today, where four were killed, 12 remain injured and a suspect has been arrested
Photo: Xinhua
Mexico City - Stockholm, Sweden
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Mexican president Enrique Peña Nieto condemned attack in Sweden earlier today, in a message via his twitter account:

“Mexico joins the international voices that condemn today’s attack in Stockholm, Sweden.”

He added that “Mexico deeply regrets the loss of human lives and of people hurt as a result of this act.”

The Mexican Embassy in Sweden, also made a hotline available (072 326 7626,  070 721 4432) and noted that no Mexicans have been reported injured after a truck rammed into a crowd in downtown Stockholm:

The attack took place in Drottninggatan, the main pedestrian street in Stockholm just steps away from busy Ahlens department store.

Swedish brewery Spendrups confirmed that the truck used in the attack belongs to the company and that it had been reported stolen this morning while leading Swedish newspaper “Dagens Nyheter” noted that a shooting took place in a neighboring area of the attack.

Swedish police has requested citizens to stay home, after the attack where at least four people have been reported dead, while twelve remain severely injured. The attack that has been officially labeled by the Swedish prime minister, Stefan Lfven, as a “terrorist attack”. One suspect has been arrested without the government disclosing any details on profile or motives so far.


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