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#MadeinMexico:State of the art bullet-resistant vests for Mexican military forces
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Javier Garduño
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The Mexican Ministry of Defense (SEDENA) has created state of the art bullet-resistant vests that provide safety and comfort for operatives as a result of the combination of research by specialized military engineers, latest protective technology and innovative materials that have produced a three-kilogram weigh reduction per vest, which amounts to a 21% reduction over previous models, as well as full compliance with ISO-9001 international safety standards, noted Noé Samperio Padilla, chief of the ministry’s Military Campaign Articles Unit at SEDENA.

The Mexican Ministry of Defense is equipped with the only ballistics testing laboratory certified in Latin America in compliance with ISO-9001 certification standards, the American Trust Register, the 166 Official Mexican Norm and the NIJ0101-V6 Norm of the U.S. National Institute of Justice. The first two being awarded for the ministry since 2006, said Omar Luna Ramírez, Second in Command of the Engineering Head Level. The laboratory is located in Iztapalapa district, in Mexico City, and is used for the testing of raw material used for the tailoring of bullet-resistant vests of various protective levels ranging from short range weapons (2A-3A protective levels) to level 3 and 4 vests best suited against an AK-47 machine gun.

The bullet-proof vests are tailored with 27 different protective panels of a flexible material that prevent bullets from penetrating over their fifth layer.

The Ministry’s latest development focuses on a long-sleeved t-shirt tailored with synthetic fibers that aims to provide more comfort for operatives wearing bullet-resistant vest as an underwear garment.


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