Mexico celebrates Flag Day with pride, resolution and a rip

The official yearly ceremony held in Campo Marte was full of sound statements that underscored Mexican sovereignty, while the waving flag colored the skies of Mexico City despite its unexpected rip
Taken from the Mexican presidency
Mexico City
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The current design of the Mexican Flag was adopted by decree in 1968, in the occasion of the Olympic Games held in Mexico City, while its confirmation as the official national flag was made on February 24, 1984.

Colors play a significant and symbolic role in the flag, which echo pivotal passages of Mexican history. The left green rectangle represents hope, the center white background to the Mexican emblem (an eagle devouring a serpent) represents purity and unity, while the right red rectangle represents the blood shed by the nation defenders and martyrs.

For the last 13 years, Mexicans have celebrated Flag Day with official ceremonies in public squares, schools and government institutions. This year’s Flag Day ceremony led by the Mexican president in Campo Marte, equestrian field used for major military and government events in the heart of Mexico City, had particular political overtones that reflected pride and resolution towards the preservation of Mexican sovereignty and dignity.

At the beginning of the ceremony a minor accident took place, while the flag was being raised by president Peña Nieto. As the president activated the raising system, the flag tangled with a lighting structure, which caused a rip in the red section of the flag. Despite the rip, the flag continue to wave.

Political figures and cabinet members of President Peña Nieto attended the event. Sound and resolute statements from the legislative branch were the most notable: “The Mexican flag represent over 200 years of Mexican Independence and over 100 years of Constitutional life. Our flag stands strong and alive, an emblem of our sovereign nation, representing independence, freedom, unity, fortitude and hope. It is a reminder that the present is ours to forge a better future”, said Edmundo Javier Bolaños Aguilar, President of the Chamber of Deputies Directive Board (left to the president in the picture).

Bolaños Aguilar stressed the legislative branch’s sound support of the president’s stand against the rhetoric of our northern neighbor in terms of immigration and trade: “Mr. President, you can count on us, without any doubt, to support all the decisions and stands that have been clearly made as regards the protection of fellow nations living across the northern border. You are not alone, all our decisions and actions are for Mexico.”

“The legislative branch expresses its sound rejection to the reception of deported illegal immigrants from the U.S.,regardless their country of origin, as well as a sound rejection to the arbitrary tariffs that want to be imposed on our fellow nationals cash remittances. Mr. President, you are not alone, you have our cooperation and support to make responsible decisions that preserve the dignity and sovereignty of our nation, without ever compromising any.”, he added.

For his part, president Peña Nieto called for Mexican unity in these testing times. 


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