Conan O’Brien surprised by warmth of Mexicans

Host of “Late Night with Conan O’Brien” to film in Mexico City with former Mexican president, Vicente Fox, and Hollywood actor Diego Luna
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Mexico City
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T.V. host Conan O’Brien doesn’t consider himself a political comedian and said that “it is not time for jokes, but to get serious” about the current political context lived by the Mexico-U.S. relations.

O’Brien is surprised at “how nice and warm Mexican people” have been to him since his arrival on February 16 to our country, where he is to shoot an episode of “Late Night with Conan O’Brien” alongside former Mexican president Vicente Fox and Mexican Hollywood actor, Diego Luna:“I invited president Fox because he speaks his mind using colorful language and is not afraid to say what he really thinks.” The episode will air on March 1st.

In an interview with Carlos Loret de Mola for Mexican T.V. show Despierta (Wake up), O’Brien said that he approached people in Zocalo’s square, in downtown Mexico City, to raise money for the Mexico-U.S. wall that the Trump administration intends to build: “People said that they wouldn’t pay for it and laughed instead. Mexicans are really not that interested in who is to pay for that wall.”

As part of his visit to Mexico City, O’Brien played football with Giovani Dos Santos, a Mexican footballer for LA Galaxy and Mexico’s national team. He also made a special appearance in Mexican sitcom Mi adorable tentación (Sweet Temptation) and was godfather to Mexican quinceañera Marisol.

O’Brien has repeatedly said that he wants to connect with Mexican people for as long as he stays in the Mexico City.


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