Mexican business groups to stop purchasing Ford vehicles

Xcaret Experiencies group and the National Contractor Company, COCONAL, have informed Ford licensees of their decision after Ford’s resolution to cancel investment of its auto plant in San Luis Potosí
Photo: Courtesy of Xcaret
Adriana Varillas and Sara Cantera
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The Mexican business group, Experiencias Xcaret, or Xcaret Experiencies group, led by Miguel Quintana Pali, informed the Ford Motor Company agency in the Yucatán peninsula, of its decision to stop the purchase of vehicles from the American brand, in response to Ford’s decision to cancel its business expansion plan in Mexico.

In a letter addressed to the Management of the Ford Agency in the Yucatán peninsula, the Experiencias Xcaret group expressed that Mexico has been a key ally for Ford’s growth in Latin America and manifested its concern for the company’s decision to cancel the construction of the auto plant that was already planned in our country.

“Businessmen should come together to create movements that promote virtuous circles of prosperity and global citizenship, addressing dignity, at all times, and highlighting the similarities instead of the differences. In accordance with the aforementioned, we have decided to cancel, effective as of this date, the purchase of vehicles from your brand”.

The letter also identifies Experiencias Xcaret group, as a believer of economical models that “promote diversity, inclusion, prosperity and culture between nations”.

Additionally, the group expressed their “hope” that Ford corrects and reverses it decision, which would result in the resumed “relationship of excellence” that both companies have had for years.

Founded in 1991, Experiencias Xcaret has focused in sustainable tourism entertainment through its theme parks in Cancun and the Mayan Riviera: Xcaret, Xel Ha, Xplor, Xplor Fire, Xoximilco and Xenses.

In last year’s edition of the Travvy Awards, Xcaret was awarded two Gold Travvy Awards for Best Theme Park, International and Best Water Park Overall.

Similarly, Mexican Construction Company, COCONAL, or National Contractor Company, also decided to cancel the purchase of Ford vehicles.

In a letter addressed to Mexican Ford licensee, Pichacho Automotive Group, COCONAL notified the group of its decision: “We regret to inform you that it is from this date that our company will stop purchasing any vehicle from your brand. We also regret that the automotive company that you so decently represent in Mexico, and from which we have the best of opinions, has taken the unfortunate decision that forces us to suspend our mutual comercial relationship”, can be read in the letter signed by the Machinery Director of COCONAL, Sergio Reyes.

COCONAL is led by Mexican businessmen Héctor Ovalle and has a score of major construction projects in Mexico that include the construction of Runway 2 of the Mexico City’s New International Airport in partnership with Mexican construction company Vise.

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