None of the dead in Nochixtlán were teachers: governor

Six people were killed and 53 injured in Oaxaca state when clashes broke out between members of a teachers' trade union and police at a protest.
Federal Police Chief Enrique Galindo blamed Sunday's violence on other, unspecified "radical groups." (Photo: Reuters)
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Gabino Cué Monteaguado, governor of Oaxaca, said that the six people that died in the riots in Nochixtlán have been identified and none of them are teachers.

In an interview with Primero Noticias, Cué said the victims are Anselmo Cruz Aquino, 33, trader; Jesús Cadena Sánchez, 19, student; Iralvín Jiménez Santiago, 29, health official; Oscar Nicolás Santiago, 22, peasant; Omar González Santiago, 22, employee and Oscar Luna Aguilar and/or Andrés Aguilar, 23, also trader.

Six people were killed and 53 injured in Oaxaca state when clashes broke out between members of a teachers' trade union and police at a protest that police say had been infiltrated by armed individuals who shot at officers and threw petrol bombs.

Federal Police Chief Enrique Galindo blamed Sunday's violence on other, unspecified "radical groups."

The violence erupted as anti-riot police moved in to dislodge protesters blocking a highway in the southern state of Oaxaca. Television footage showed chaotic scenes of men running from police as gun fire rang out.

Galindo says the confrontation between protesting teachers and state and federal police in Nochixtlán changed radically when the other groups arrived.

He said on Radio Fórmula that protesters regrouped with gasoline bombs and powerful fireworks. Galindo ordered armed police to move in after they confirmed gunshots.

According to Public Security reports several organizations participated in the teachers protests, such as Comuna Oaxaca, headed by Flavio Sosa Villavicencio and César Mateos; Frente Popular Revolucionario, headed by Macario Otalio Padilla and founded by Germán Mendoza Nube; Frente Amplio de Lucha Popular, headed by Gervasio Martínez; Movimiento Agrario Indígena Zapatista, headed by Omar Esparza; Frente Popular Democrático, founded by congressman Jesús López, a member of the Democratic Revolution Party (PRD); Coalición Obrero Campesina y Estudiantil del Istmo (COCEI) – one of its divisions is headed by Héctor Sánchez, former senator of the PRD.

Mexico's National Human Rights Commission urged the National Coordination of Education Workers (CNTE) and authorities to try to solve their differences through dialogue. It also informed that it representative and experts to Oaxaca to reinforce its presence in the state.

About 100 to 150 protesters maintained the highway blockade in Nochixtlán on Monday. No police were present. Protesters were allowing people to pass but blocking commercial traffic.

(With information from AP and Reuters) 


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