27 | MAY | 2019
Hernández and her medal. (Photo: Courtesy CONADE)

Mexico opens the Parapan swimming with bronze medals

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Jessica Hernández and Sofía Olmos made it to the podium in Toronto.

Mexicans Jessica Hernández and Sofía Olmos opened with bronze medals the swimming contest in the Toronto 2015 Parapan-American Games, along with Brazil and Canada.

Hernandez won the bronze in the 100 meters back with a time of 1:37 minutes. Canadians Routliffe Tess and Sarah Mehan won gold and silver with times of 1:31.19 and 1:32.

Olmos got the second bronze for Mexico in the 200 meters freestyle with 3:54 minutes, just below Brazilians Joana Da Silva and Esther de Oliveira, with times of 3:15 and 3:3.

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