TV Azteca asks for investigation on aggression against Martinoli

It's also asking for sanctions.
The TV company is demanding an investigation on Miguel Herrera's attack against its host. (Photo: Imago7)
Mexico City
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TV Azteca requested an urgent investigation on the aggression against sports commentator Christian Martinoli by Miguel Herrera, coach of the Mexican national soccer team.

The media conglomerate also called for preemptive actions to keep any other representative of Mexican soccer from committing such despicable actions.

“We are surprised and worried by the behaviour of the coach of the national team. The Mexican Soccer Federation cannot allow a repetition of the aggression against our collaborator Christian Martinoli in the hands of Mr. Herrera," expressed Azteca in a press release.

“TV Azteca is asking for an urgent and expedite investigation on these facts, from where to apply sanctions and take the appropriate actions to keep any other representative of national soccer to cause such regrettable actions as this one," it said.

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