22 | ABR | 2019
The Panamanian soccer leader said that they will continue with their participation in the Gold Cup. (Photo: SPECIAL)

Chaluja says Mexico-Panama was fixed

Édgar Luna Cruz
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The Panamanian Soccer Federation will demand an investigation on the referee.

The president of the Panamanian Soccer Federation is convinced that the game against Mexico was fixed and said that he will do something about it.

Pedro Chaluja said that Panama will do whatever it takes to find out if there was corruption in the game in order to have Mexico in the finals of the Gold Cup and play the playoff game versus the U.S. in October.

Chaluja called media to read a letter expressing his anger and said that the "bad decisions (during the game) were deliberate and motivated by the desire to favour third parties."

He pointed out that "the game was fixed and not by the FMF (Mexican Soccer Federation) but there are third party interests."

"We do not understand the reasons why the best qualified referee of Concacaf has such a low and suspicious performance," he pointed out.

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