Maximum security jail blueprints stolen in Mexico City

They are from the Male Penitentiary Security Center No. 1.
Armed individuals entered an office from the construction company. (Photo: Archive/Yadin Xolalpa)
David Fuentes / Mexico City
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The Office of the Attorney General of Mexico City (PGJDF) is investigating the robbery of a laptop in the Calidad de Vida, Progreso y Desarrollo para la Ciudad de Mexico building company, which contained the blueprints of the Male Penitentiary Security Center No. 1 in the northern district of Gustavo A. Madero.

Four armed individuals assaulted an office of the building company yesterday, taking the blueprints and the laptop, with all the information regarding the prison, designed to house extremely dangerous criminals, kidnappers, serial killers and mobsters.

The first 44 occupants of the prison were taken there a month ago. The jail itself was finished on December and has room for 700 inmates.

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