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Boy killed in attack in Michoacán

Community leader is arrested.
The authorities say that an armored group is the author of the attack. (Photo: SPECIAL)
Dalia Martínez / Morelia, Michoacán
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Semeí Verdía, commander of the Nahua police in the community of Ostula, in the municipality of Aquila was arrested yesterday by the Army and the Navy, accused of possession of military-grade weapons and electoral crimes.

A few hours after his arrest, the death of a 12-year-old boy was reported in a presumed attack in the area, which also left four wounded.

According to the official report, an armored organization is responsible for the attack, while the mayor-elect of Aquila, José Luis Arteaga, and the local population say that they were police forces and they left a dead boy and two wounded.

According to the report, the arrest of Verdía occurred after noon, and then the inhabitants of El Duín and Ixtapilla blocked the road to demand his release.

Verdía was taken to the premises of the Office of the Attorney General (PGR) in Michoacán, in order to declare about the accusations against him.

The community leader was called by the authorities to declare about two armored trucks property of the PGR, which were provided to him for his protection.


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