20 | ABR | 2019
Producer Marian Secco, director Alvaro Brechner, art director Gustavo Ramírez and actor Héctor Noguera, of "Mr. Kaplan". (Photo: EFE)

Latino nominees arrive for the red carpet at the Platino Awards

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The awards ceremony will be held in Marbella.

The Ibero-American nominees, like directors Ernesto Daranas (Cuba) or Álvaro Brechner (Uruguay), were the first to arrive at the red carpet for the Platinum Awards to the Iberoamerican Cinema, in Marbella.

Cuban director Ernesto Daranas, nominated for "Conducta," expressed that these awards are "a celebration needed for a cinema that shares the same language."

Daranas also expressed his surprise for the 50 awards given worldwide to his movie, like the Goya, because it is a "very small movie."

Uruguayan Álvaro Brechner is also nominated as best director for "Mr. Kaplan."

During the ceremony, actor Antonio Banderas will receive the Honor Award for his career.

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