18 | ENE | 2019
The PRI leads the elections to renew the Mexican Congress. (Photo: Archive/ EL UNIVERSAL)

PRI leads preliminary results from elections

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PAN and PRD become the second and third forces in Congress, respectively.

The Preliminary Electoral Results Program (PREP) has finished the computation of 93.57% of the votes from Sunday's elections, confirming the positive trend in favor of the ruling Revolutionary Institutional Party, with 29.10% of the national vote.

The figures, which are not official, continue with the trend marked with the so-called "quick count" presented yesterday by the head of the National Elections Institute, Lorenzo Córdova, save for the fact that the leftist Labor Party would be able to retain its official registry as a party, while the Humanist Party will be unable to keep it.

With victories in 25 districts where it competed alone, and the 156 in which it contended in coalition with the Green Party, the PRI would get 181 lawmakers in the Chamber of Representatives in Congress in coalition with the Greens, and one more with the New Alliance Party, which only won a district.

More representatives could emanate from the format of proportional representation, given to the parties depending on their results in the elections.

The right-wing National Action Party would have obtained 20.89% of the votes and 56 representatives in the lower chamber, while the leftist Democratic Revolution Party would have obtained 10.83% of the votes.

Also, the National Reconstruction Movement received 8.37% of the votes and the Citizen Movement some 5.99%.

A minority party, Social Encounter, received 3.30% of the votes.

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