15 years of prison for human trafficker

His victim, an Ecuadorean girl, committed suicide while on custody.
Sometimes children are taken alone to the U.S. by human traffickers. (Photo: Archive/ EL UNIVERSAL)
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The Office of the Attorney General (PGR) obtained a 15-year prison sentence for Domingo Fermán Uves, accused of human trafficking and caught in the act when attempting to cross an Ecuadorian girl into the U.S.

After her rescue, the girl committed suicide while on custody.

Fifty-seven-year-old Fermán Uves was caught in flagrante delicto while transporting the girl to New York.

Through an appeal, the PGR got the Fourth Unitary Court of the Tenth Seventh Circuit to revoked the acquittal dictated by the Ninth Court of District in Chihuahua for Fermán Uves.

In March of last year, a girl identified as Nohemí Álvarez Astorga was rescued from his hands in Ciudad Juárez.

The eigth-year-old girl was later found dead in the bathroom of a shelter in this city, where she was brought in while she was sent back to her country.

She allegedly hung herself from a tube in the bathroom, as reported by the State Prosecutor's Office.

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