22 | MAY | 2019
The teachers said that they will stay at the airport, as well as at the Pemex gas station. (Photo: Quadratin )

U.S. urges Americans to avoid traveling to Oaxaca

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The United States urged its citizens to avoid traveling to Oaxaca due to the mass demonstrations and violence.

The U.S. Embassy and consulates in Mexico, issued an emergency message to urge its citizens to avoid traveling to Oaxaca due to mass demonstrations.

According to the message, mass demonstrations are currently taking place in Oaxaca, Mexico.  According to press reports, on June 3 protestors entered the Oaxaca airport, and incoming and outgoing flights have been suspended. 

In addition, protestors have reportedly taken control of a gasoline distribution center and gas stations in Oaxaca, which is currently causing a fuel shortage for private vehicles. 

Public transportation has reportedly been suspended due to the fuel shortage. 

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