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Maldita Vecindad vs. Trump

The Mexican rock band had something to say to the xenophobic tycoon.
On Thursday, the band rehearsed a few songs and included a dedication to Donald Trump. (Photo: ARIEL OJEDA / EL UNIVERSAL)
Cristina Pineda
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Maldita Vecindad was one of the first Mexican Rock bands to talk about immigration on their song. And now it's the turn of U.S. tycoon Donald Trump.

"Now that he had his sayings, the song 'Sur del Sur (South of the south)' (2009) is our response to a racist and completely ignorant worldview in regard to the Mexican immigration," expressed Roco, the lead singer.

The sayings of Trump against Mexican immigrants, who he described as criminals and rapists, have coincided Maldita's concert in the Sports Palace of Mexico City, for the 30 anniversary of the band.

"Donald Trump can say anything, but it's even worse when he says it with regards of what our government does to its own population. There are no job opportunities, we have a narco-government, murder, and total repression," Roco expressed.

Bassist Aldo added that people are leaving not just to search for the American Dream, but because there are no opportunities in the country.

"People go there because there are jobs. But, at the same time they come under a hell of exploitation. Then, where is a way out for people looking to survive?"

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