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Donald Trump gets a rap song

Mexican singer Erika Vidrio wrote it to tell him a 'few truths.'
Erika Vidrio expressed that the song presents a 'few truths' for the tycoon. (Photo: Taken from YouTube )
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Mexican regional singer and songwriter Erika Vidrio composed a rap to express her discomfort at the statements of U.S. tycoon Donald Trump against Mexican immigrants.

According to Trump, Mexican immigrants bring drugs and crime and are rapists.

Vidrio, in an interview for television network Telemundo, explained that she found the derogatory remarks of Trump extremely annoying and decided to write a song in response. As expected, it presents a bit of coarse language in Spanish.

The singer pointed out the rap song could be used to tell the controversial business leader "a few truths".

"That is to tell the truth, the real thing because even what he eats is picked up by Mexicans, who are humble and very hard workers," she said.

She added that the video for the song, which also bears the name of the aforementioned businessman, will be recorded soon.

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