ANDA will pay for 'Profesor Jirafales' expenses: Rafael Inclán

He added that a bad agreement was made with the hospital that denied attention to actor Rubén Aguirre.
Aguirre has expressed that the ANDA has not provided him with any kind of support. (Photo: Archive/ EL UNIVERSAL)
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Actor Rafael Inclán, Secretary of the Interior of the National Actors Association (ANDA) expressed that the problems of Rubén Aguirre began when a bad agreement was made with the hospital that was supposed to intervene him, but the required payments for his operation will be done on Monday.

After his performance in the play "Made in Mexico," with actress Edith González, Inclán expressed that "a wrong agreement was made. We did not know about it here and, there is not a lot of money now, but it will all be paid on Monday."

Aguirre, known for the "Professor Jirafales" character in "El Chavo Del 8," expressed that the ANDA ignored his requests for financial support for his bladder problems, including an operation.

He had to leave the hospital without the surgery due to back payments.

Inclán expressed that it would be desirable to move the actor to Guadalajara, where the ANDA has strongest agreements with the local hospitals.

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