21 | ABR | 2019

Morena to have majority control over Mexico City's Legislative Assembly

Johana Robles
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The party founded by Andrés Manuel López Obrador won 18 of the 40 seats of relative majority.
Morena will have majority control over Mexico City's Legislative Assembly (ALDF for its Spanish acronym), with 18 of the 40 seats of relative majority.
The Democratic Revolution Party (PRD) was relegated to the second place after wining in 14 local districts. The National Action Party (PAN) won in five districts, while the ruling Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) won in three.
Next Saturday, the councilors of Mexico City Electoral Institute (IEDF for its Spanish acronym) will distribute 26 local deputy seats of proportional representation to complete the 66 members of the Seventh Legislature of ALDF.
Currently the PRD has an absolute majority with 34 deputies, but after the election it will only have 14 to start with.
The parties can challenge the results before Mexico City Electoral Court within the next four days.

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