500 march in demand of justice for Cristopher Márquez

The boy was killed by older kids in a game of 'kidnapping'.
'I wonder. Where were the parents of the killers?' reads a banner displayed during the protest. (Photo: Luis Alfonso Fierro )
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Around 500 people marched in demand of justice in the case of Cristopher Márquez, murdered by five minors a week ago, asking for the confinement of those involved.

The march was held after a judge specialized in teenagers determined that two of the killers, of 15 years of age, will be held at a Rehabilitation Center for Juvenile Offenders, while the other three will remain under the watch of the state in a hostel controlled by the Institute of Integral Family Development, where they will receive psychological care.

The protesters left downtown Plaza Mayor, walked down University avenue and returned to the Governor's Palace.

Tania Mora, mother of the killed child, did not participate in the demonstration due to health reasons, according Cristopher's grandmother, Claudia Alvarado.

Officers from the General Secretariat of Government met with the protesters and told them that the authorities were to issue a resolution for the appropriate punishment of the five juveniles in detention.

The demonstrators were in their majority dressed in white and carrying banners demanding justice, and also demanded punishment for the parents of the killers, due to their omissions leading to the death of Cristopher.

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