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The new Mexico City airport could affect water supply in Indigenous communities
The President canceled the USD $13 billion airport through a non-binding referendum
Water supply crisis at Mexico City International Airport
Currently, 9 out of 10 liters used in the AICM arrive daily to the terminal through 38 pipes of 40,000 liters each, which costs MXN $177,281 daily
Thermoelectric plant sparks off a conflict
This time, there are many reasons to assert that in order for the thermoelectric plant to operate, something besides a referendum or the offering of social benefits is needed
The future of water supply
Promoting a water saving and recycling culture has become essential for Mexico
Santa Lucía could cause water shortage
Water shortage could affect the nearby communities, as many farmers depend on their crops to survive
Mexico City is thirsty
Around 9 million Mexicans have no access to drinking water in our country, which includes Mexico City's inhabitants