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IntraBACH, an intranet to promote Tzeltal language and culture
A group of bilingual teachers and IT experts developed an intranet with content in Tzeltal language to bring the digital world to the indigenous people in Chiapas
A modern take on piñatas
With the help of technology, artist Joshua Janis creates realistic piñatas made from papier-mache
Mexican creates eco-friendly cardboard crutches
Rafael Riego designed this low-cost orthopedic appliances hoping his invention can be used by those who need it the most
Mayan culture meets the digital world
Google, the British Museum, and Mexico’s INAH created a project to digitalize images and documents about the Mayan civilization
Mexican student creates self-regenerating rubber pavement
Israel Antonio Briseño designed a pavement made from rubber tires that self-regenerates when water makes contact with the floor
Alfonso Cuarón to create exclusive content for Apple TV+
The future projects of the Oscar-winning director will be the first in television format
Mexico doesn't have a digital strategy
Why isn't Mexico focusing and investing on technology?
Mexico to have first underground lab in Latin America
LABChico will be built 100 meters deep in “La Guadalupe” mine in Mineral del Chico and it will be focused on the measurement of natural radioactivity
UNAM student to lead analog mission to Mars
In 2006, Danton Bazaldua was appointed one of the four emerging leaders in the aerospace sector by the Space Generation Advisory Council of the United Nations
Mexican scientists to delve into Earth’s deepest secrets
The expedition in the Guaymas Basin, located in the Gulf of California, will extract more information about Earth's history and its evolution