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How to protect your data in the age of cybercrime
In Mexico, cybercrime poses an increasing threat to civilians, as well as both private and public institutions
Social media: technopolitics, fake news, and freedom of speech
In Mexico, 99 out of 100 people with internet access have a Facebook account
Mexican scientists isolate antibiotics from scorpion venom
The scientists from Mexico's National Autonomous University will soon start clinical trials on humans
Mexican student invents chip to detect cancer
The microfluid chip is part of Mayoral Peña’s doctoral project and works with small blood samples
Mexican nanosatellite undergoes final trials at NASA
The nanosatellite will be launched from the Wallops Flight Facility in the state of Virginia
Mexican students develop anti-kidnapping shoe insole
The sensor is fully imperceptible since it is only 1cm wide, according to the TecNM students
Mexican president pitches universal internet in chat with Mark Zuckerberg
The representative did not confirm any tie-ups between Facebook and the Mexican government
Mexico forsakes science
EL UNIVERSAL reveals the difficulties faced by at least four research centers throughout the country
Record number of online frauds in Mexico
It is estimated that the total annual cost of cybercrime in 2019 could exceed USD$2 billion
Mexican scientists create sustainable ash-based cement
In four years, Escalante’s team has developed 15 ecological alternatives to Portland cement