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Mexico is far from achieving tax equity
Companies that signed contracts with Pemex later received tax write-offs
Digital companies ask Mexico to soften its stance on taxation
Facebook, Google, Twitter, Mercado Libre, and Airbnb are among the digital companies that asked Mexican authorities for more time to comply with the new rules of the 2020 Tax Package
Mexico will tax digital economy
This is an opportunity to establish the foundation of a regulation that will transcend tax collection
Mexican soccer teams were granted tax write-offs
The list released by Fundación Fundar also includes politicians, musicians, and TV hosts
Tax write-offs are only for the wealthy
The Calderón and Peña Nieto administrations canceled debts worth millions
Former governments granted tax write-offs to singers and politicians
The two previous administrations canceled debts worth hundreds of millions in taxes
Mexican politician owes over $900 million in taxes
He is a member of the PAN and was a presidential candidate in 1994
Raising cigarette taxes won't reduce smoking
The government could raise the taxes on products such as cigarettes and sodas once again
Mexico will tax Avon, Tupperware, Uber, Didi, and Rappi
The Minister said that the government has not considered taxing apps such as Facebook or Netflix
Mexican millennials carry financial burden
Millennials face the biggest social and economic inequality: those who are lucky enough to be employed work in a precarious labor market while supporting a tax system that is not focused on their demographics