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Mexican soccer teams were granted tax write-offs
The list released by Fundación Fundar also includes politicians, musicians, and TV hosts
Tax write-offs are only for the wealthy
The Calderón and Peña Nieto administrations canceled debts worth millions
Mexico could raise $3.6 billion by imposing taxes on Netflix, Spotify, and Amazon Prime
Digital platforms and services have become wildly popular in Mexico
Mexico will tax Avon, Tupperware, Uber, Didi, and Rappi
The Minister said that the government has not considered taxing apps such as Facebook or Netflix
2020 budget: A glimmer of hope
The payment of pensions, salaries, and public debt take over the budget
Mexico fights to eradicate tax evasion
Mexico is one of the countries with the lowest tax collection rates in Latina America
Tax fraud to become a felony in Mexico
In Mexico, one of the most common corruption acts are tax evasion and financial fraud
“Gabriel Orozco hizo suyo el Plan Maestro de Chapultepec”
Hace más de 15 años, con su despacho TAX y otros arquitectos, Alberto Kalach trazó un proyecto para integrar las secciones del bosque y la ciudad que está vigente
A canceled airport will become a financial burden for passengers
Passengers who use Mexico City's airport pay an Airport Tax that will be used to pay off the Texcoco airport
The Texcoco airport has become a financial burden
In 2014, the aviation authority set a limit of 61 operations per hour, with a maximum of 40 landings