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Lady Meche: The beauty line helping sex workers
Lady Meche is a company that offers makeup and skincare and its profits are for sex workers in La Merced
Mexico to propose new human trafficking law
Under this new law, sex workers would no longer be criminalized and perhaps receive protection
Forced prostitution and human trafficking in Mexico
Violence against women, femicide, and rape have increased in the last decades
Escorts murders linked to human trafficking mafias
In the first semester of 2019, there have been four femicides of South American escorts and models, revealing conflicts between Colombian and Venezuelan traffickers in Mexico
Mexico City to decriminalize sex work aiming to fight human trafficking
The meeting was held in the framework of the International Sex Worker Day
Death of Fatimih Dávila in Mexico City could be linked to human trafficking
Fatimih Dávila, former Miss Uruguay 2006, was found dead in a hotel in Mexico City’s Nápoles neighborhood
Mexico City sex workers march for their rights
Mexico’s government put out a statement last month, claiming that there is enough medication for those who have been diagnosed with HIV
Karla was too afraid to escape from her captors because they threatened to execute her parents, siblings and one-year-old daughter.
The mother could lose the custody of her children.
They were found in bars of the district of Iztapalapa.