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Gia Gunn, the woman taking over the world of drag
The world of drag has become a worldwide phenomenon, especially since RuPaul Drag Race was launched on TV and Netflix
LEGO to open several stores in Mexico
Funo and Grupo Juguetrón announced an alliance to open Lego stores in Mexico
New TV series about El Santo in the works
He is currently waiting for the release of the documentary “The man behind the mask”, scheduled for October 18
Padilla has been careful and has permits to place his murals in businesses and homes, the local authorities have closed down three of his pieces
Guillermo Del Toro's exhibition to open in Mexico
The curator says that it will be full of popular Mexican art, and comics from Del Toro's childhood
Mexico wins the World Cosplay Summit 2018's championship
Luis Gamboa and Eduardo Peralta were crowned as the winners of the World Cosplay Summit 2018
Mexican film-makers at Comic-Con 2018
Independent Mexican film-makers will attend a conference to discuss their experiences in the movie industry
A graffiti tour around Mexico City
Graffiti has been shunned by art snobs in the past, but now you can appreciate the city's finest graffitis in a tour around Mexico City
Comic-con Mexico 2019 announced
Disclaimer: This event is not related to Comic-Con San Diego or its organizers
Drug lords - both fictitious and real- have long captured attention as lead characters in movies and TV.