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Pemex aims to increase oil production by 2024
López Obrador said that once Pemex increases its oil output, it will produce resources to promote the country's development
Pemex will triple oil well drilling in 2019 to boost output
The Pemex chief said all the contracts to provide the required infrastructure had already been awarded
AMLO to the rescue
Yesterday, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador reminded many of the moment when his predecessor General Lázaro Cárdenas del Río decreed the nationalization of the oil industry
AMLO's government to reactivate 973 oil wells
The new government will decide if the reactivation of these wells is made by Pemex or through the same scheme used by the previous administration
In October, fuel production reached its lowest level since 1992, after the six refineries operated barely had the capacity to process 179,000 bpd
The country is ready to take part in a technical meeting called by OPEC this month to discuss the oil market.