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AMLO urges involved parties to resolve Peñasquito mine conflict
Operations at Peñasquito gold mine have been intermittent since March 2019
Negotiations to restart at Peñasquito mine if blockade lifted
After Zacatecas governor Alejandro Tello went to Peñasquito mine to negotiate its opening, settlers of Mazapil pointed out that the alleged lifting of the blockade was staged, for CAVA carriers had no intention of liberating the mine
Blockade ignites temporary suspension at Peñasquito Mine
Newmont Goldcorp suspended its operations at the mine located in Zacatecas, as well as all its investments until the “illegal blockade” by a trucking contractor and members of the Cedros community is lifted
The secret pre-Hispanic mine in Taxco
The Chontal hid this mine from the Spanish; it was discovered in 2013
Austerity affects the migration crisis
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Crisis at Peñasquito mine after Goldcorp suspends all payments
300 mine workers protested outside the local Congress and asked local lawmakers to help solve the issue
Mexican Indigenous people fight Canadian miner
A group of Nahua villagers could make history in Mexico this month when a court rules on a land dispute involving a Canadian miner
Protesters in Zacatecas said they have blocked access to the Peñasquito mining complex operated by Goldcorp.
Vancouver-based Goldcorp has started a formal sales process for the Los Filos mine
The company said arrangements have been made to lift the blockade at its mine on Thursday.